The modern retail experience is about more than just buying products...it’s about the feeling a customer gets from just being in your store. This doesn’t happen by accident... store design can impact the customer experience but not without great design. A successful customer experience should mean that shoppers spend more...and more often in a store they love.

Display Concepts wants to define and create the best possible experience for their customers based on creating unique and compelling stores that will become your customer’s favorite place to shop.

We are unlike any other design company. We are interested in your vision...what makes you special? Display Concepts will formulate a plan to suit your objective and take you through the process of implementation. From negotiating a lease to your grand opening, we can do it all. We specialize in visual design for retail stores, manufacturers, and various businesses. If you are planning a remodel or leasing a new store we can create realistic budgets and time lines for construction and prepare design drawings that include:

  • Store or space design, windows, and signage
  • Visual layout, presentation of space, and traffic flow
  • Custom fixture design and equipment for product needs
  • Lighting plans
  • Colors and finishes for flooring, walls, fixtures etc.
  • Visual merchandising and product presentation for interior space
  • Budget
  • Planning for your particular inventory
  • Consultation available for all business needs
  • Assistance and expertise pertaining to site search and square foot analysis pertaining to product performance
  • Window displays

Display Concepts has thirty years experience working with the finest retail stores and businesses in the country. From store signage to a complete build out, we will take you through every step.

Display Concepts design fees are based on the amount of work required by our clients. We bill on a fixed fee basis or an hourly rate and can provide a fee estimate in advance.